When it comes to updating an aging bathroom for accessibility, Basco offers a range of shower door solutions that can help improve the functionality and safety of your shower space. Read this blog post to learn how our shower door solutions can support your bathroom goals.

  • Barrier-free Enclosures:

    Barrier-free showers have become a trend in modern bathroom design, integrating accessibility with a sophisticated, frameless aesthetic. Unlike conventional shower enclosures, these doors eliminate the need for a curb track or raised barrier, ensuring effortless access for everyone, including those with mobility challenges. This innovative design not only enhances the overall accessibility of the shower but also contributes to a minimalist, frameless look, elevating the entire bathroom space. Additionally, it makes cleaning the enclosure easier, since there are fewer crevasses and less framing to maintain.

    Great barrier-free enclosures include our frameless RODA enclosures, such as our popular Celesta 935, or our Rotolo Lux Zero Threshold enclosures. Our Find-Your-Door Quiz can help you find the best frameless door for your needs with just a few simple questions. Give it a try!

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  • Swing & French Doors:

    Basco's swing doors are a popular choice for accessible showers. Many of our doors swing outward or inward, providing a wider and more flexible entrance for easy access. They can be installed as a single swing door (maximum panel width 36”) or French doors for larger openings. French doors create the widest shower entry and are a great option if wheelchairs, shower stools, or benches need to be moved in and out of the enclosure. Take a look at our 1422 and 1022 to find your perfect French door enclosure!

  • Sliding Doors:

    Sliding shower doors are another option to consider for accessibility. Basco's sliding doors glide smoothly on the headers, requiring minimal effort to open and close. They are a great choice for bathrooms with limited space where a swinging door may not be practical. Sliding doors often don’t have the widest walk-through opening but should still be considered if ease of operating doors is a concern. Additionally, our doors can be customized with oversized 18” handles or custom towel bar configurations to allow a larger surface for opening and closing the doors.

  • Safety Features:
    • All of our enclosures feature ANSI-certified safety tempered glass to ensure the highest standard of quality and safety. Tempered glass is up to four times stronger than ordinary (annealed) glass! Although breakage is rare, it can occur when it is hit with hard objects, especially on the corners or edges. When tempered glass breaks, it is characterized by breaking into tiny pieces which prevents serious injuries that ordinary (untempered) glass can cause. Tempered glass is stamped with a permanent certification label that confirms that the glass meets the safety and performance requirements as determined by the regulatory agencies.
    • Designed with safety and performance in mind. Basco’s semi-frameless bypass tub & shower doors feature “anti-jump” inserts in the header. The anti-jump inserts allow the rollers to slide freely across the header’s track for both traditional style headers and our more modern barn-door style header with exposed rollers. Once properly installed, the inserts fill up the empty space and prevent the rollers from leaving the track.
      While all our semi-frameless bypass doors include anti-jump inserts, our Deluxe framed bypass doors are equally secure with our Safety T-lock feature. The Safety T-lock secures the header and keeps the panels in place. It is integrated into the top of the wall jamb and is a standard feature.
    • Antimicrobial coating for a healthy home. Our AquaGlideXP protective coating seals and protects the glass, repelling moisture, soap film and mineral deposits. At the same time, its antimicrobial, multi-polymer properties strive to keep your shower door clean and odor-free between showers.

    Learn more about these features in our Superior Safety blog post.

It's important to note that while Basco's shower door solutions can greatly improve accessibility, the overall design and layout of the bathroom should also be taken into consideration. Other modifications, such as installing grab bars, non-slip flooring, and accessible shower controls, elevated toilets, walk-in tubs, and more, can further enhance safety and convenience. When considering a bathroom renovation for accessibility, it's recommended to consult with a professional contractor or an accessibility specialist who can provide guidance and ensure that your specific needs are met.

Locate a Basco dealer in your area via our Where-to-Buy page to find the right shower enclosure for your needs!

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