Keep your door looking beautiful for years to come

Glass Shower Door Care & Cleaning

To ensure a long lasting finish, wipe down your shower enclosure with a towel after each use. Never use a scouring agent to clean the hardware or the glass. For maximum protection, Basco doors should be treated with AquaGlideXP at the factory before you receive it. Units damaged by improper cleaning are not covered under Basco's limited lifetime warranty. With minimum maintenance and proper cleaning, your bath enclosure will provide you with years of beautiful service.

Two primary materials are used to manufacture your new bath enclosure: tempered glass and anodized aluminum. For occasional, more concentrated cleaning efforts, we find that Lysol Bathroom Cleaner works extremely well. Be sure that any over spray falling on the aluminum frame is rinsed thoroughly and dried.

Many over-the-counter cleaners, if applied to the aluminum and left on, will harm the metal finish and cause permanent damage, even though their directions indicate safe use on shower doors.

Should you have any questions on proper cleaning procedures, please contact our customer support team.

AquaGlideXP Home Kit

If you did not have the opportunity to purchase the factory-applied AquaGlideXP protection, consider purchasing the Shower & Bath Glass Protection Treatment Kit. This easy step-by-step process will provide added protection to your shower enclosure. If you selected to have AquaGlideXP applied at the factory when you purchased your enclosure, you may also utilize the home kit to revitalize the original coating, extending its protective qualities indefinitely. Please note that our AquaGlideXP ten-year warranty applies only to units with a factory applied coating.

How to Treat your Shower Doors with the AquaglideXP Cleaning Kit

How to Treat your Shower Doors with the AquaglideXP Cleaning Kit

Aqua Glide Group 1
AquaGlideXP Protection Kit
Home Application Kit to Revitalize your Door

Maintain AquaGlideXP Spray Cleaner

This 16oz bottle is the same formula as the small Maintain spray cleaner in the AquaGlideXP kit. Regardless if you had AquaGlassXP applied at the factory, or opted to use the at home kit, this spray cleaner will enhance the durability and performance of the protection when used for deeper cleaning. Most homeowners find that in addition to spraying their doors with water and towel drying daily, using maintain spray cleaner every one to two weeks keeps their treated doors looking spot free and like new.

How to Clean Glass with Maintain Spray

How to Clean Glass with Maintain Spray

Aqua Glide white background
Maintain AquaGlideXP Spray Cleaner
Dissolves and lifts oily grime and dirt for a quick wash without water


When used after showering, Clerét is a superior glass cleaning tool that prevents soap build-up and water spots.

Cleret 2
Cleret 1
Cleret CG101
Cleret - White with Aqua Blades
Standard Cleret style

UltraClearPro Glass Cleaner

Introducing the newest five-star product in Basco's line of preferred cleaning products - UltraClearPro! Used by our own team of professional installers, UltraClearPro Glass Cleaner is designed for all the glass in your home. It's an ammonia free, streakless foaming spray that has a fresh fragrance.

Perfect for:

  • Shower door glass (without AquaGlideXP)
  • The exterior of shower doors that have AquaGlideXP on the interior
  • Shower doors with ShowerGuard Clear glass
  • Mirrors
  • Windows
  • Windshields
  • Glass shelving
UCP Beauty
Ultra Clear Pro 1
UltraClear Pro Glass Cleaner
Streakless, foaming spray for use on untreated shower doors, windows, mirrors and more.