Our goal is to not only provide products that are beautiful and fit your bathroom like a glove but also to provide luxurious glass enclosures that are safe for you and your family. Read the sections below to learn more about our superior safety features!

  • Safety Tempered Glass

    BECAUSE THE SHOWER IS EVERYTHING in your bathroom project, all Basco shower doors are made with ANSI-certified tempered glass - the required safety standard for all shower door glass.

    Tempered glass is up to four times stronger than ordinary (annealed) glass! Although breakage is rare, it can occur when it is hit with hard objects, especially on the corners or edges. When tempered glass breaks, it is characterized by breaking into tiny pieces which prevents serious injuries that ordinary (untempered) glass can cause. Tempered glass is stamped with a permanent certification label that confirms that the glass meets the safety and performance requirements as determined by the regulatory agencies.

    The advantages of tempered glass also include heat-resistance, clarity, versatility, scratch resistance, and its availability in various designs, thicknesses and patterns.

    How it's Made

    1. First, the annealed glass is cut to the desired size and any holes or notches are cut out. (After tempering, glass cannot be cut/fabricated.)
    2. It is then examined for any imperfections.
    3. Next, the glass begins its journey through the heat treatment process in a tempering oven.
    4. The oven heats the glass to the industry standard of 620°C/1148°F.
    5. Finally, the surface of the glass is blasted in a high pressure cooling process called “quenching”.
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  • Antimicrobial AquaGlideXP

    Basco’s AquaGlideXP premium glass coating not only makes cleaning a breeze but also provides superior antimicrobial protection in your shower.

    Bye-bye bacteria! AquaGlideXP seals and protects the glass, repelling moisture, soap film and mineral deposits. At the same time, its antimicrobial, mutli-polymer properties strive to keep your shower door clean and odor-free between showers.

    Antimicrobial Aqua Glide

    The Comfort of Clean

    Enjoy the invisible coating that keeps your door visibly clean after and between every shower.

    Guaranteed for 10-years when properly maintained, the protection of factory-applied AquaGlideXP extends the beauty, tranquility, and like-new appearance long after the installation is complete.

    Extend the protection indefinitely with the application of our Maintain Spray. Maintain revitalizes the coating with every use, and is perfect for those touch-up cleaning needs.

    Maintain Spray Cleaner
    • Is a safe & environmentally friendly water-based cleaner
    • Dissolves and lifts oily grime & dirt for a quick wash without water
    • Refreshes the protective coating, building on the original application
    Aqua Glide Group 1
    AquaGlideXP Protection Kit
    Home Application Kit to Revitalize your Door
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    Maintain AquaGlideXP Spray Cleaner
    Dissolves and lifts oily grime and dirt for a quick wash without water
  • Anti-Jump Inserts

    Basco’s semi-frameless bypass tub & shower doors feature “anti-jump” inserts in the header. The anti-jump inserts allow the rollers to slide freely across the header’s track for both traditional style headers and our more modern barn-door style header with exposed rollers. Once properly installed, the inserts fill up the empty space and prevent the rollers from leaving the track.

    Anti Jump 1
    Anti Jump 2
  • Safety T-Lock

    While all our semi-frameless bypass doors include anti-jump inserts, our Deluxe framed bypass doors are equally secure with our Safety T-lock feature.
    The Safety T-lock secures the header and keeps the panels in place. It is integrated into the top of the wall jamb and is a standard feature.

    Deluxe T Lock

    * The Celesta bypass is equipped with separate molded nylon T-locks that slide into the header then down into the wall jambs.

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