A precise fit starts with an accurate measurement

Follow the tips and instructions below to make measuring for your shower door a breeze. Use our measuring worksheet for accuracy so you can ensure a flawless fit.

Tools You’ll Need

Measuring Tools 2

Finalize Wall Material Before You Measure

Before you begin, make sure your shower walls are in their final state, whether they’re finished with tile or a tub surround to get an accurate measurement.

Wall Material

Measure Opening Widths in 3 Spots

Using your tape measure, measure lengthwise across the bottom, center, and top of your shower for an inline opening. When measuring for openings with a return, measure at the center of the curb (the centerline). Remember to account for the body of the measuring tape so that your measurements are completely accurate. You can record your measurements in our Measuring Worksheet and use them to talk to your local Basco Dealer about your shower door needs.


Check that Surfaces are Level & Plumb

Next, grab the appropriate size level to make sure your walls and surfaces are all level. If any area is out of level ⅜” or more, you may need a tapered filler when installing framed and semi-frameless doors. You can order a custom-sized filler so you can get the job done right no matter which door you choose.

See Anatomy of a Shower Door to learn more about out of plumb conditions.


Measure for Height

You’ll need two different measurements here.

First, check the maximum height available. To measure for maximum height available, measure from the top of the threshold or tub deck all the way to the top of your tile or fiberglass walls. Your dealer can use this information to find the best standard height for your door.

Alternatively, you can also measure for your own requested height, meaning you’d measure from the top of the threshold or tub deck to as tall as you’d like your door to be.

Height Measure

If you are interested in a heavy glass door, learn about the structural considerations before you install.

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