Maintain long-lasting beauty and minimize maintenance

Keeping your new glass shower enclosure in pristine condition is important. Keep the new luster while reducing spotting, soap scum and mineral deposits with the use of ultra-protective coatings available from Basco.

These specialized formulas use variations in breakthrough technology to ensure your beautiful shower door will stay like new with a clean that lasts. There is no need to use a squeegee or harsh chemicals. Cleaning is as easy as spraying the door with water and towel drying after each use. Basco offers two options in glass protectants – AquaGlideXP and Guardian ShowerGuard.

Consider AquaGlideXP Protectant

Learn how AquaGlideXP revolutionizes the way your shower door stays clean

AquaGlideXP - A Clean That Lasts

AquaGlideXP is an ultra-protective coating that bonds to the glass, repelling moisture and soap film. When the glass is treated with AquaGlideXP at the factory, this glass protection system carries a 10-year warranty.

  • Low maintenance - Requires less cleaning than untreated glass
  • Effective water repellent at an affordable price point
  • Minimizes mildew, soap scum and hard water build up
  • Can be applied on any glass thickness or style
  • Recommend wiping the glass down after each use
  • Recommended periodic squeegee use and maintenance cleaner for best results

To ensure long-lasting beauty and warranty protection, Basco strongly recommends the Maintain AquaGlideXP Spray Cleaner.

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AquaGlideXP Protection Kit
Home Application Kit to Revitalize your Door

Guardian ShowerGuard - Forever Beautiful

An engineered glass that permanently protects from etching of the glass, preventing permanent water stains.

  • Insures long-lasting beauty of the glass surface, which can always be returned to its original factory sheen
  • Clean the glass on your schedule - it can perpetually be restored to like-new conditions (see Guardian's cleaning recommendations)
  • Available in Clear 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" glass and Pure Clear (low iron) 3/8" & 1/2" glass
  • Recommend wiping the glass down after each use
  • When registered, installed, regularly maintained according to Guardian's recommendations according to water type, Guardian ShowerGuard glass is backed by a lifetime warranty.
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