Six things to consider before you start

Getting your Basco shower door installed is one of the last pieces of the puzzle in your bathroom project. The level of complexity and difficulty of a shower door installation depends largely on the type of door – frameless, custom heavy glass or standard sized framed and semi-frameless products. When considering whether this is a do-it-yourself project, the level of handyman skills, tools required and specific glass knowledge varies, but Basco typically recommends the assistance of a professional for installations. Here are some things for you to consider:


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Considerations for Installation

1. Consider Using a Professional

We encourage even the most experienced DIYer to use a professional to install your Basco shower door. Heavy glass doors and frameless doors both require extensive expertise both in proper handling and care during the installation process, and to ensure your doors are anchored well.

A well-secured and properly installed shower enclosure will last a lifetime. The investment in a professional installation is something you won't regret.

Shower Door Install: DIY or Hire a Professional?

Learn the considerations for how to install your shower enclosure vs. the benefits of our factory installation.

2. Do You Have the Right Tools?

The exact types of tools you need for installing your shower door vary by model. At a minimum, expect to have these in your tool bag on installation day:

Installation Tools2 2X

Check your door’s specific installation guide for sizes and optional tools that can help make the process easier.

Clear Silicone
Dowsil Tub, Tile & Ceramic Clear Silicone
Used and recommended by Basco's team of professional installers.

3. Keep the Shower Head Position in Mind.

If you are installing a sliding or rolling shower door, position the inner panel by the wall where the shower head is located for maximum waterproofing.

Sliding Door

For swing doors or door and panel configurations, we recommend that the hinge is opposite of the shower head. The layout of your bathroom may determine the placement of your swing door.

Swing Door

4. Measure and Mark Correctly

Your method of measurement depends on the type of door you’re installing. Before you get started, apply masking tape to make it easy to see your markings. Then carefully follow your door’s specific installation guidelines.

Basco Measurement Graphics Rev4

5. Consider Your Wall Materials

While Basco doors can be installed on a variety of wall materials in the shower area, the exact type of walls can influence the installation process. Make sure you have the right tools (particularly drill bits) to properly mount your hinges and other pieces. Proper materials/blocking behind the walls are critical for the security of heavy glass/frameless doors. Learn more about RODA structural Considerations.

6. Protect Your Investment

An upgraded bathroom is a long-term investment. If you skipped the factory-applied AquaGlideXP when you ordered your Basco shower door, it’s not too late to get extra protection.

Consider ordering the AquaGlideXP home application kit. Not only does it increase and maintain your shower door’s luster, it also repels soap film and mineral deposits while minimizing mold and mildew.


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