An explanation of the order-to-installation process

A Simple Buying Experience

Whether custom or standard, it is our goal to take out the complexity of buying a shower enclosure by offering you designer collections, along with being open and transparent about the process. We strive to provide homeowners with unmatched style choices and extraordinary craftsmanship. After you place your order with your Basco Dealer, here is what you can generally expect about the process that happens to ensure your Basco shower door is the perfect accent to your bathroom.

Getting Measurements

  • Once you have made some general design choices around the shape and style of your shower door, your local dealer will arrange for an accurate in-home measurement with the local installer network in their area.
  • The local installer will measure all the appropriate dimensions and an understanding of wall conditions, including out-of-plumb or proper blocking support if you have selected a heavy glass RODA shower enclosure.
  • Your Basco dealer will work closely with the installer to gather proper specifications to confirm your order with Basco.
  • The goal of all of our partners is to to be very responsive in arranging measurement appointments so your order can be submitted.

Finalized Pricing

  • Using the accurate measurements, the local dealer will confirm your dimensions, style and functionality of your shower door.
  • The local Basco dealer will verify your order details with you including glass type, finish, hardware and confirm the final pricing based on those selections.
  • Your order is submitted to Basco to begin manufacturing your shower enclosure to those exact specifications
  • Based on the type of door ordered, the manufacturing process typically takes 7-10 business days once the final order is submitted.

Installation in Your Home

  • After your door is inspected and approved, Basco will ship your order directly to the local dealer or area installer in most cases.
  • Your local dealer will contact you to confirm an installation date based on your convenience and availability of the area installer.
  • The goal set by Basco and your local dealer is the installation process is completed within 3-5 days from when your door is shipped.
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