Understand basic terminology in shower door design

Accurate Measurement - Measure your shower door opening width at the bottom, middle, and top.

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Core Filler Color Noborder

Filler - Additional material which matches enclosure lineals that is used to fill gaps or uneven openings. Fillers may be tapered if required to fill out-of-square or out-of- plumb conditions. These are most commonly used on framed and semi-frameless shower doors. 

Centerline - An imaginary line used as the center point of the shower enclosure. Often times the center of the curb. Centerline dimensions are commonly referred to when measuring for neo-angle shower enclosures and for installation of the bottom curbs. 

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Out-of-Level - Non-level, horizontal curb, ceiling and or buttress wall condition.

Out-of-Plumb - Non-level, vertical wall condition.

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Buttress - A panel that is elevated off of the curb, sometimes called Knee Wall. This option would make the door completely custom to your opening and is available in any frame type. 

Notch - Cutout(s) or section(s) removed from a panel. This option would make the door completely custom to your opening and is available in any frame type. 

Perfect Overlap

Perfect Overlap - The condition in which a Bypass Slider is sized to have ideal panel sizes to minimize panel overlap and maximize the walk through opening.

Showerhead Position - Determine shower- head position as if looking at the shower from the outside.

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