You may already have heard about them – Steam Showers. They are gaining popularity, and there are good reasons for it. Steam has long been associated with many health benefits, and steam showers are a great way to implement steam treatments into your weekly routine.

Steam showers are well sealed, frameless glass enclosures that typically come with one transom panel. This “ventilation” panel allows you to adjust the amount of steam and temperature inside the enclosure. Being able to regulate these values is essential to ensure a comfortable yet practical steam shower experience.
Steam showers can come in all shapes and sizes, whether you have a single swing door, a neo-angle door, or an enclosure with a return panel. Nearly any stationery and swing panel configuration allows you to create a floor-to-ceiling steam enclosure.

While steam enclosures look impressive and are beautiful, there is more to them than just a luxurious design. Here are the top five health benefits a steam shower can have:

  • 1. Get a healthy skin

    One trick to cleanse your skin and ensure your skin treatments, like lotions, masks, scrubs, and more, are to ensure your pores are open first. Steam can help your pores to open and deeply cleanse your skin. In return, your skin will take treatments better and look more youthful. Additionally, sensitive skin or skin that is irritated through eczema or other conditions can benefit from this type of enclosure because of its soothing effects. While the traditional facial steaming devices or the good old “pot of hot water” may work, they are more of a hassle to set up and only allow small areas of your body to benefit from the steam. A steam shower can create this pore-opening cleansing atmosphere for your entire body within minutes during your regular shower routine!

  • 2. Congestion relief

    If you are congested, have a runny nose, or cough from a recent cold, taking a steam shower may help loosen phlegm and mucus and reduce your symptoms. The warm steam often lets you blow your nose with more ease and breathe better. It can also help soothe your throat and nose if they are irritated after experiencing a cold or flu.

  • 3. Activate your circulation

    The warmth from the steam can improve your circulation by enlarging your blood vessels and allowing your blood to circulate faster and better. In turn, this can increase your heart rate and lower your blood pressure, which is said to have additional health benefits and can improve your overall heart health.

  • 4. Reduce stiff joints and recover faster

    With the benefit of an improved blood flow, you may also notice that your joints feel more relaxed. Joint stiffness, as well as sore muscles, will enjoy the positive effects of an active circulation.

  • 5. Steam the stress away

    Even if you don’t have any issues like the previously mentioned ones that you’d like to ease with a steam shower, there is one thing that probably everyone can benefit from. It’s relaxation! Steam showers and steam baths are common in spas because of their calming and relaxing effect. Adding special aromatherapy tablets to your steam shower can increase your level of relaxation even further, and you will be able to create a whole spa experience at your home. This convenience of such an enclosure in your home may not only save you money down the road, but it also makes self-care and home relaxation more easily accessible. We all experience stress, whether physical or emotional or both. So when you remodel your bathroom and are unsure what type of shower to install – consider a Basco steam enclosure!

Basco can create beautiful, custom shower enclosures for your home so you can experience your personal at-home spa at your convenience!

Find a Basco dealer in your area to create your personal steam spa today!

Disclaimer: Please do not use a steam shower after drinking alcohol or while fighting an active skin infection. Always use a steam shower with caution and in moderation, and ensure you regulate the steam and temperature to your comfort through a transom panel or water temperature. Steam rooms cannot be considered medical treatment unless otherwise advised by your medical provider. If you have health concerns and are unsure if a steam shower is suitable for you, please contact your doctor. Basco is not responsible for the consequences of irresponsible use of a steam enclosure.


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