Design considerations as you shop for shower doors

There are many types of shower doors available. While many are designed to fit a specific configuration or shape, there are a few other design considerations you should keep in mind as you determine the best product to bring your bathroom project to life.

1. Clear Glass Makes the Space Appear Larger

If you have invested in tile, marble or other premium materials for your shower, you are likely considering clear glass for your shower door. However, also keep in mind clear glass can open up any space and often times make the room appear more spacious. Privacy is a consideration as well.

2. Complement Your Hardware Finishes

The shower door is likely not the first selection in your bathroom – and we’re ok with that. You have likely spent significant budget in premium fixtures like rain heads, body sprayers or designer faucets in your preferred metal finish. While each fixture manufacturer’s finish is unique, Basco offers 11 different metal finish options to complement your other hardware.

3. Shower Head Position Matters

If you are considering a sliding or rolling shower door, you will need to position the inner panel by the wall where the shower head is located for maximum waterproofing.

For swing doors or door and panel configurations, we recommend that the hinge is opposite of the shower head. The layout of your bathroom may determine the placement of your swing door.

4. Accurate Measurements are Key

Your method of measurement depends on the type of door you’re installing. Download our Measuring Guide to see the best way to measure your opening. Before you get started, apply masking tape to make it easy to see your markings. Then carefully follow your door’s specific installation guidelines.

5. Know Shower Wall Conditions

While Basco doors can be installed on a variety of wall materials in the shower area, the exact type of walls can influence the installation process. Make sure you have the right tools (particularly drill bits) to properly mount your hinges and other pieces. Proper materials/blocking behind the walls are critical for the security of heavy glass/frameless doors. Learn more about RODA structural Considerations.

6. Lower-Maintenance is an Option

An upgraded bathroom is a long-term investment. Basco offers two protective coatings, AquaGlideXP and Showerguard, that can be applied at the factory. If you skipped the factory-applied AquaGlideXP when you ordered your Basco shower door, it’s not too late to get extra protection.

Consider ordering the AquaGlideXP home application kit. Not only does it increase and maintain your shower door’s luster, it also repels soap film and mineral deposits while minimizing mold and mildew.


Learn about options in low-maintenance protective coatings.


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