These 7 tips will help you save space and make the most out of a small bathroom. Whether it's a bathroom remodel or a new construction, this post is a resource you don't want to miss!

Small bathroom? No problem! While most magazines and social media will show you fancy new homes with gorgeous bathrooms that are gigantic, we understand that this is not reality for most of us! So, we put together some tips on how to save (and create) space in small bathrooms. While our tips include some shower door suggestions, we took a much broader approach in order to share all the best space-saving tricks with you! Take a look below to see what ideas you can apply to your bathroom makeover. Make sure to tag us on social media when you complete your bathroom project with your new Basco shower door and spread the word to allow others to benefit from these tips.

  • Swap your Tub for a Shower

    While tubs can be absolute must-haves for people who love long baths, taking out the tub creates a lot of extra storage and walking space. Whether you are remodeling or building new, ask yourself how often you bathe and how vital a bathtub is for your lifestyle. If it is not worth it, get rid of it and treat yourself to a beautiful shower!

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  • Angle it!

    Decided to get the shower? An excellent shower style to utilize your space effectively is a neo-angle shower. They offer ample interior space and don’t extend as far into the center of your room as a standard square or rectangular shower would. By the way, you can also opt for a corner sink and vanity to create an even more open space!

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  • Let it hang!

    Consider installing a hanging toilet (also called a “wall-hung toilet”). This will remove the big water tank behind your toilet as it gets concealed behind the wall, while the toilet itself stays the same size. This will free up some precious walking space in a small bathroom because your new hanging toilet will be between 10-15 inches closer to the wall. This is over one foot of additional space!

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    Photo: Max Vakhtbovych

  • Use vertical space

    We understand that you may be looking for less labor and cost-intensive ideas to upgrade your small bathroom. So, while a hanging toilet and a new corner vanity are excellent, they might not be the solution you were looking for. A great tip we can give you is to utilize vertical space. Think: Shelves above the toilet, tall narrow towel cabinets, or mirrors with storage. The good old medicine cabinet style mirror may seem dated, but there are some beautifully designed storage mirrors in all shapes, sizes, and design styles these days. This can keep your space decluttered while still offering ample storage. Many mirrors can be set into the wall to create a flush look – no one will even know a cabinet is behind it!

  • Your door is your new best friend…

    …In the bathroom, at least. Believe us when we say the space above your door is a phenomenal storage option for small bathrooms! “Above-the-door” shelves can create a lot of hidden storage and are easy to install. Add some pretty baskets on your shelf to store extra towels, replacement shampoo, soaps, and even your bathroom cleaning accessories. Many people don’t take a long look at the ceiling, so your “stuff” will be securely tucked away above the door without taking away precious floor space.

    The back of your door can also be utilized for door hanging shelves, baskets, towel hooks, or a large mirror.

  • Opt for a frameless, clear glass shower door

    While nearly any glass shower door will visually create more space in your bathroom, the best choice for small bathrooms are shower doors with little to no framing. Additionally, we highly recommend clear (ideally Basco’s Pure Clear) glass. This will create the feeling of a larger, open space that is not limited by curtains or obscured patterns. Basco has a large variety of shower doors that fit small bathrooms. Make the most of your new glass shower door with a custom, precision-fit Basco shower enclosure.

  • Built-in shelving

    Our last tip for small bathrooms is to create built-in shelving and storage. The depth will depend on the thickness of your walls, but any wall insert will save you floor space and can be added at any height. So whether you want to add a shelf inside the shower for your shampoo and soap or add the wall insert on empty wall space – it is a wonderful storage solution and adds space where there was none before.

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