Are Pet Showers just a trend, or are there genuine benefits to having one in your home? This blog post will tell you all about it!

We all love our furry friends dearly, and making sure they are happy and healthy is a top priority as pet owners. It is important to offer your pup a relaxed atmosphere during baths, especially if your dog is not a fan of them! Turning a bath into a positive experience can remove the tension of the task so you and your pet can have fun, rather than stress!

Now you may wonder why you would need a special pet shower enclosure, rather than just taking your pet to the bathtub. This new interior design trend is more than just fashion - its functionality can't be beaten!

Basco Pet-Enclosures

See one of our Dog-Enclosures in action!

  • 1. Contain debris and dirt in one space

    Pet showers are smaller and contain your pet (dogs or cats!) in a space that is right for the size of your pet. You don’t have to worry about them easily jumping out or the struggle to keep them inside. Additionally, not only the pet but also the mess is kept inside. The shallow glass doors are sturdy and short enough for you to reach over, but also keep water, dirt, and your pet inside the enclosure. Dirt, debris, and fur are now no longer clogging your “human” shower and bath but are kept confined in a smaller Pet Enclosure in your mudroom or laundry room, which is much easier to clean. Depending on the layout of your home, this will also eliminate stained carpets and muddy floors while you get your pet from the front door to the nearest full-size bathroom. Bring your pet straight to your mudroom and avoid creating a mess throughout your home.

  • 2. Safe for you, safe for your pet!

    Depending on the size and layout of your Pet Enclosure, you will often see enclosures elevated from the ground. This makes the bathing process safer for you and is easier on your back. Setting a Pet Enclosure on an elevated platform will make the experience more comfortable as you do not have to bend down. Depending on how tall the platform is, you may not even have to sit or kneel, creating an even better experience.

    This also makes the bath safer for your pet, since many animals like to make an effort to jump out of a bathtub. Bathtubs are typically rounded on the inside and can get slippery, causing your pet to fall and injure themselves. The low entrance allows for easy access without picking up the dog. Simply open the shower doors of the enclosure once you are done washing and drying your pet and they can hop out themselves!

  • 3. Create a Pet-Spa in one area of your home

    This is especially helpful if your Pet Shower is installed in a room near your usual entry and exit door, such as a mudroom by the garage. Create a pet-spa-zone, by having all your pet items in one area. From Pet towels, claw clippers, dog dryers, pet shampoos, leashes, and more, your mudroom can become the one-stop pet spa. It can help keep your home organized and clean!

  • 4. Save money and bond with your pet

    If your dog needs frequent baths, you will save money by not having to take your dog to the groomer each time. On top of that, you will gain wonderful bonding time with your pup, which is unlike passively sitting in a room together while you work, cook or watch TV. Instead, you actively spend time together - your dog will love the extra attention. Sounds like a win-win to us!

  • 5. Keep your dog healthy

    Keep your dog healthy by not only maintaining their fur but also by using bath time to do a quick physical evaluation. Showering your dog gives you a great opportunity to see if they have any cuts, injuries, lumps, or are possibly experiencing pain when light pressure is administered to parts of their body. This may help you notice changes in your pup's physical health earlier and take them to the vet for a check-up.

Now that you know the benefits of Pet-Showers in your home, we hope you are inspired to create a mini pet spa at your home with BASCO!

While our doggie doors are not officially listed as a shower door model, you can request them as a custom order at any of our Basco dealer locations! We recommend our Celesta Series for these pet showers, but nearly any of our French door swing showers or swing door and panel configurations can work.

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