5 Shower Door Myths

You can't believe everything you hear when it comes to glass shower doors. That's why we created this list to address the top 5 myths we hear.

Myth #1: Shower doors are known to “explode” in use

There has been media coverage sent to our team of experts over the years where glass shower doors reportedly explode during use and are suggested as being dangerous or unsafe.

As with all tempered glass products, there is a very minimal percentage of the millions of shower doors manufactured in the industry each year where incidents are reported.. All Basco shower doors are made with tempered glass – which is extremely strong and is the required safety standard for shower enclosures and other consumer glass products. As part of the safety feature of the glass, it breaks in tiny pieces when broken to prevent the injury that other types of glass might cause.

Basco Manufacturing takes every precaution to ensure the highest quality, safety, and durability in the manufacturing of our products and stand behind them with a limited lifetime warranty. Our products well exceed quality and safety requirements for ANSI industry standards.

Myth #2: Protective glass coating applied to a Basco door means it is “maintenance free”.

When it comes to any glass shower doors – there is no such thing as maintenance-free. Although our factory applied coating, AquaGlide XP(link), creates low maintenance cleaning, we still recommend wiping the glass down and periodically squeegeeing for the longest lasting doors.

Guardian ShowerGuard(link), another glass protection option that is even lower maintenance, needs no special cleaners or added treatments as the water shield is built into the glass. Wiping the glass down after each use and periodically squeegeeing is still recommended.

Keeping any standing water residue off of your glass is the only way to protect your investment.

Myth #3: Heavy Glass Frameless shower enclosures leak water

With proper installation of your enclosure, it is highly unlikely that your shower will leak. After making sure that your enclosure is properly and professionally installed, make sure that your shower head is positioned in the correct spot so that it is pointing away from any from your seam.

Myth #4: Heavy glass doors can't be installed on fiberglass/acrylic

While most heavy glass doors are not recommended to be installed on fiberglass or acrylic units, Basco offers heavy glass doors that are suitable for these kinds of bases. Basco's Coppia Series door is ideal for fiberglass applications and our Rotolo Bypass Rolling Door is ideal for all wall substrates including fiberglass, acrylic, and tile.

Myth #5: Showerhead position doesn't matter

If you are considering a sliding or rolling shower door, you will need to position the inner panel by the wall where the shower head is located for maximum waterproofing.

For swing doors or door and panel configurations, we recommend that the hinge is opposite of the shower head. The layout of your bathroom may determine the placement of your swing door.

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