Making a change to your shower can enhance your morning routine and make your start to the day more pleasurable. The average person spends more than 80 hours in the shower each year. Don't we deserve a great experience?

Are you dreaming of a new luxurious and larger shower? Or are you upgrading your existing shower ? With either, there are a multitude of options to create a beautiful and well-designed shower.

If you're in a position to dream big, the sky's the limit for spa-worthy steam, music, lights, seating, rain-simulating showerheads, body sprays, hand held sprayers and beautiful glass enclosures.

Basco Bathroom Dresden Print Image Alt Roda Cover

Or if you are transforming a bathtub space into a shower you have plenty of choices with tile, glass enclosures and glass shower doors. Shower doors add an elegant, clean look, and many have glass treatments that keep them clean.

You can plan for comfort and safety with sleek grab bars that double as towel holders and extra support. And there are a wide variety of shower fixtures that can add to your shower experience - single spray showerheads are the most common and have adjustable spray now have more features, wall mounted body sprays, multiple showerheads, overhead rain showers, and hand-held showerheads.

Showers are more than just functional items—they awaken us for the day ahead, warm our souls when we are cold and give us soothing comfort after a workout. We have a close relationship with our showers and we want them to perform well and last a long time.

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