The perfect shower door serves as a cornerstone of your entire bathroom design. Before you place your order, make sure you have answers to three crucial questions to ensure an easy installation process:

1. What wall materials are used in your bathroom?

Form and function are equally important and you’ll want your bathroom walls to properly support your new shower door. While you can use thinner glass in just about any space, the type of wall material becomes more important if you’re eyeing a heavier product like ⅜” glass. For fiberglass and acrylic substrates, be sure to follow our specific support guidelines.

2. Where are the wall studs?

Before you order, check out where your wall studs are located, since this is where your door and hinges are mounted. When selecting a heavy glass door, you’ll need double studs for the hinge side and at the threshold.

3. What is the shape of your shower?


Whether you’re upgrading an existing bathroom or starting fresh, the shape of your shower area can really elevate the space. Basco's most popular layouts are inline, return, and corner. To learn more about shower shapes and other customization options, check out our online buyer's guide.

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