Powder Coating is a popular dry finishing process, which is used at Basco to create 10 of our 14 available Metal Finishes. All finishes aside from the original metal finishes Chrome and Brushed Nickel, are made in-house in our special Powder Coating Paint Room right here in Ohio.

Powder Coating offers a high-quality, durable finish that is decorative as well as functional as it creates a protective layer on the metal. It is the perfect way to finish our metal frames, as it ensures a flawless look of your Basco shower enclosure for many years to come. It protects your investment, by being more durable than standard liquid paints, decreasing the possibility of scratches, chips, and more. This is especially important because your shower enclosure is built to withstand daily water and moisture exposure, as well as other corrosive materials like bathroom cleaners.

Furthermore, Powder Coating is environmentally friendly, due to its recyclable and minimal waste characteristics. It is just one more way to make Basco shower enclosures an even “greener” option when you build your home in comparison to traditional shower curtains, liners, and hooks that regularly need to be replaced and are most commonly created from less reusable and sustainable resources than our Basco products.

  • How Powder Coating is applied

    Powder Coating is typically done in three easy steps. First, our metal is cleaned with a degreaser and water in order to prepare the material for the coat and ensure the best adhesion. Afterward, the dry powder is then applied through an electrostatic process, using a special spray gun. The last step is to cure the fresh powder coat with heat. This makes the coating durable and finishes the painting process.

Complementing other finishes in your bathroom, our finish color options are designed to coordinate with today’s most popular bath hardware. The palette is diverse and considers the latest fashion trends to match your own unique preferences. Our precision process will protect and ensure long-lasting luster and shine for years to come.

Since Powder Coating is available in a large variety of colors and textures, it is possible for us to create any colors and finishes you’d like. On special request, we can even create custom colors to match your dream bathroom vision!*

View our Metal Finishes for inspiration and visit a Basco Dealer near you to start planning your shower!

  • Things to know

    Each metal will portray colors slightly differently. The structure, porosity, and texture of the material can influence the way the powder coating is absorbed. At Basco, we inspect each piece of metal and ensure its color falls into a range of acceptable tolerance within its color spectrum. Minimal variation in nuances and shades is normal. Often, metal colors can already appear different, depending on the position of the hardware, its exposure to light as well as other exterior factors. It is also important to keep in mind that the appearance of a metal finish on your screen may vary from its actual look. We highly recommend visiting a Basco dealer in your area to see all of our metal finishes and glass options before placing an order

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Disclaimer: *Lead times and cost for custom colors will vary from standard Metal Finish Options.

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