The matte black bathroom trend has taken off in recent years. We'll cover how you can incorporate this popular design trend in your next bathroom project or remodel by offering inspiration through shower doors, cabinets, faucets, cabinet pulls, tile and more.

Shower Doors

Basco offers a Matte Black finish option for many of our doors. To view the full offering of Matte Black, view our Core and RODA eCatalogs.

Rotolo 03 4000 Wr Irn
Basco Rotolo Lux tub door matte black FINAL


Cabinets provide a large surface area that allows for matte black to be highlighted in your bathroom. They are an easy way to start incorporating this new trend!

Pexels barion mcqueen 3946665
Sanibell bv 8c5 Nfqhcd Sw unsplash


Matte black faucets can add a modern and contemporary flair to a space.

Andrea davis 3k Cv J Ngiky4 unsplash
Sanibell bv m F Qo2u J Nf2c unsplash

Cabinet Pulls

Cabinet pulls can be a subtle, yet effective way to add matte black to a bathroom.

Collov home design k Soe7 Eox HIE unsplash
Sidekix media g51 F6 W Yzy U unsplash


Fun, unique, and eye-catching tile has also become a huge trend recently. This is a great opportunity to add some matte black into your design.

Basco Infinity Black Wrough Iron
Pexels terry magallanes 2988865

Other Ways

More inspiration for adding matte black to your bathroom retreat

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