Digital Printing has made it possible for Basco to create our very own GridGlass, perfect for individuals who want to make a bold statement in their bathroom. Read below to continue learning about our GridGlass and how it is created.

The GridGlass at Basco is created with Ceramic Frit Digital Printing Technology. During our in-house tempering process the frit is fused to the glass, meaning it is permanently bonded to the surface which makes it as resistant to abrasion and chemicals as the glass surface itself. This durable, high-quality method ensures that your grid stays in pristine condition for years to come. These printed grids offer you the same look as old-school metal panes, but make handling, cleaning and maintenance easy and safe.

Our GridGlass is easy to maintain and can essentially be treated like our standard glass. This Care Guide lists the most important things to pay attention to when cleaning your GridGlass door.

  • GridGlass Care and Maintenance

    Follow these steps for the best results:

    - Wipe down the shower door after each use, regardless of your glass type.

    - Clean exposed enamel surfaces every 6 months with a standard glass cleaner (non-acidic or basic).

    - Do not use abrasive cleaning solutions or tools.

    - Non-corrosive organic solvents such as acetone or isopropanol, or hot soapy water, can be used in special cases if all other methods fail.

    - When using aggressive cleaning techniques, the method should be tested on a small area of glass first in order to ensure that there is no damage caused to the enamel.

    - After any cleaning, ensure that the cleaning agent is completely removed and no areas of standing water remain that may dry to create a stain.

    - GridGlass that has been treated with our AquaGlideXP protective coating should not be cleaned with regular glass cleaners

    - To keep your AquaGlideXP coating intact, please use our Basco Maintain Spray cleaner.

    Download our GridGlass Maintenance Guide here.

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