As a 39-year Basco Shower Door technician and customer specialist, Tony Kist is the ideal person to give you tips for selecting the perfect shower door for your modern bath.

Today, glass shower doors play a central role in modern bathrooms, leaving other design decisions to follow. Since the shower door is the centerpiece that adds elegance and the finishing touch to a bathroom, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect enclosure.

When you start your bathroom design process, the first and best thing you can do is avoid limiting your options by considering your door selection choices early in the planning process. Visit our website or a Basco dealer near you right away.

Secondly, when choosing your shower’s opening style and shape, consider who uses your shower and how wide your opening is. For example, certain styles can make your life easier if you have children, pets, or elderly people entering your shower. Other styles may feel more luxurious to open, or allow a better use of your space.

I always recommend to our customers to take all factors into consideration because each door type offers its perks that are unique to your shower door needs.

Basco offers an industry-leading variety of metal finishes and glass options to suit any style – visit us online to get inspired and start your journey to create the bathroom of your dreams with Basco!

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