AquaGlide XP Home Kit

Purchase an AquaGlide XP Home Kit for your shower door

If you did not have the opportunity to purchase the factory-applied AquaGlide
XP protection, or would like to revitalize the factory coating, consider purchasing the AquaGlide XP Home Kit.

This innovative coating increases the sheen and luster of the glass while reducing spotting, soap scum and mineral deposits. Please note that our AquaGlide
XP ten year warranty applies only to units with a factory applied coating.

The Home Kit offers a 3 step process that adds protection to your shower door:

STEP 1: The cleaner eliminates existing water stains and oxidation from your shower door.

STEP 2: The protective coating adds two protective layers to your door. These layers repel water to keep your shower door clean, hygienic, and brilliant.

STEP 3: The maintain spray protects your door from everyday use. It can be used to clean your door in the future, eliminating the need for harsh cleaners.

All items included are safe for use on glass surfaces only​ and cover a 150 to 200 square foot area.
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AquaGlideXP Protection Kit
Home Application Kit to Revitalize your Door
Consider AquaGlideXP Protectant

Learn how AquaGlideXP revolutionizes the way your shower door stays clean

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