If you're ready to replace an existing sliding glass shower door, you're in the right place.

We'll show you step by step how to remove a sliding glass shower door from a fiberglass tub. As a leading provider of stock and custom shower doors, Basco removes and installs thousands of shower doors each year. It's a pretty simple project with a few tips that we'll pass along. Remember that each shower door design is slightly different, so you may need to refer to your specific brand instructions for detailed removal information.

Here are the tools you'll need to properly remove this door - and make this a simple project.

Tools Needed:

  • 1/8", 7/64", & 3/16" Drill Bits
  • Power Driver Drill with Phillips Bit (optional)
  • Utility Knife/Blade
  • #2 Phillips Screwdriver
  • Flat Screwdriver
  • Alcohol Pads

Generally we recommend two people due to the fragile nature of the product. However, it can be completed by one person as needed.

Please remember to be cautious when handling the tempered glass panels. Tempered glass is most sensitive at the corners of the glass if unequal pressure is applied.

Step 1: Center Guide Removal

Before you can remove the glass panels, you must remove the screws from the center guide. To do this, slide the panels to the middle and unscrew. You can then remove the guide from the tub.

Step Two: Remove Glass Panels

Now you’re ready to remove the glass panels. Grab one of the panels and lift up from the track, handling with care. The glass panel rollers should come loose when lifted straight up and out. Make sure that you remove the outside panel first before removing the inside panel.

Step 3: Removing the Rest of the Screws

With the glass removed, the wall jamb screws should be easily accessible. Simply locate and remove the screws from the wall jambs and also the bumpers, if they are installed.

Step 4: Remove the Metal

Your shower door was likely finished with caulk when it was installed to minimize leakage. To begin removing it and the metal jambs, start from the top of the shower with a utility blade and cut down to break the seal of caulking. Be careful not to go too deep to scratch the surface of the tile.

Now you will remove the header. One of the easiest ways to remove it is to pop one side out first as shown and then pop the other side out to remove.

Carefully remove the metal wall jambs from the tile on each side of the tub.

To remove the track, cut out the caulking that was applied the track in the tub by angling your utility blade at roughly 90 degrees to avoid scratching or cutting the tub surface. Pop off the metal track and remove.

Step 5: Remove Silicone Caulk

Now it’s time to remove the silicone caulk residue. You can do this using a blade as shown here, using light pressure to prepare the surface for the new enclosure.

Consider using a denatured alcohol to remove all remaining residues from the caulking.

You can watch the full step-by-step video below.

How to Safely Remove a Sliding Glass Shower Door

How to Safely Remove a Sliding Glass Shower Door

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