With more Americans staying in their homes longer, thought must be given to designing and remodeling bathrooms that work well for us as we grow older. Universal design focuses on doing exactly that and will result in a long-lasting bathroom with features that accommodate the young, old and everyone in between.

Some features of universal design to think of when designing a bathroom to grow old with you:

Grab bars– suitable for all ages and sleek grab bars can double as towel holders
Clearance – plan enough space for a wheelchair to make a 180-degree turn
Curb-less shower – no or low lip on the shower entry
Slip-resistant floor– improve traction by increasing grout lines on the floor
Hand-held shower – a necessity for those who have physical limitations and convenient for all
Shower seat – a place to sit and bathe or prop your leg up
No protrusions – include niches rather than soap dishes and shower shelves that protrude
Taller toilets – 16 to 18 inch comfort chair height toilets (older toilets are 14 or 15”)

A bathroom remodel will last for many years and the principles of universal bathroom design will serve your needs as you grow older.

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