Mystro Web Site Tool Offers Customers a Faster, Easier Guided Selling Process

MASON, OH (April 7, 2016) – Basco Manufacturing launched an all-new online configurator called “mystro”, which enables registered users to easily quote and configure shower doors via the web. Mystro, which is an iteration of the company’s internal engineering configurator, provides users with a variety of benefits including real-time, web-based, quoting, a "find my model number based on constraints" functionality for those less familiar with Basco products, easy-to-read supplemental door drawings, dynamic price listings, and a save-and-store archive functionality – all of which will deliver a faster, more accurate “one-click” quote and ordering process.

“We have heard from our customers they need ease and simplification for shower door quoting and ordering,” says Greg Weyman, vice president of marketing at Basco Manufacturing. “As the complexity of heavy custom glass doors increases, the level of product knowledge and intricacy increases for our customers. Our objective with mystro is to deliver that ease and offer a guided selling process online so they can be 100% confident in the accuracy of their shower door quotes, order and sales,” said Weyman.

To further support the offering, Basco has created a variety of training modules that are available 24/7/365 online to registered users. The instruction modules are self-guided, narrated and visually depict all aspects of the mystro tool, including login & basic functions, customer management, basics of quoting and finalizing quotes. Basco plans to add additional training modules to further train the field. Additional webinars will be available upon request.

The mystro web site is available at and registration requests can be requested on that landing page for customers interested in using the mystro online configurator for their shower door needs.

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