The idea behind any remodel is to tailor your home to suit your personal taste and your family’s lifestyle. But if it's possible you'll be selling that home within a few years, it’s smart to consider how future homebuyers will react to your design decisions.

When buyers tour homes for sale, they look closely at the bathrooms. Most people buy the most expensive home they can afford and they don't want to buy a house with a bathroom that needs to be redone. For resale, focus on the visuals focal points, the shower, tile and fixtures. You can increase your home’s value by choosing quality materials with wide appeal.

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Consider the following tips for remodeling with resale in mind:

  • Do research to determine the most important bathroom features for home buyers
  • Choose neutral colors for a clean look that will last - style and color can be added with accessories and towels
  • Add a special extra feature - radiant heating if you are replacing the floor or upgrade the shower with a shower door or glass enclosure

You want buyers to envision themselves in your bathroom but in the meantime you want to enjoy the space - include the fixtures and features that will make the bathroom comfortable for you. Remodel your bathroom and enjoy it - you'll get your money out of it when you sell.

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