The right door frame helps showcase your shower space. Basco offers three different frame types to customize your space: framed, semi-frameless, and frameless. Here we'll discuss the differences between the three and provide some inspiration that perfectly highlights the benefits of each.

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A framed enclosure includes framing around both the door opening and each panel. It’s the perfect way to complement the finishing on other fixtures in your bathroom.

Pros: Typically cost less than their frameless counterparts. Simpler install than frameless.

Cons: Less open look and feel.

7150 Clear Brushed Nickel
Deluxe160 HILKSV
Deluxe 145 HILKOR


A semi-frameless enclosure has framing on each side of the larger piece, but not around the door panel. The stationary panel may or may not have a complete frame, depending on the model. It’s ideal if you want to incorporate your finishing without obstructing the view into your shower.

Pros: Perfect combination of framed and frameless. Provides some openness to a space.

Cons: Can be more expensive than framed enclosures. Not a fully open design.

Rotolo FINAL 1000
Basco 4500 48 CLSV
RTLA 905 OB 01
Classic 151 FGBB 2018


These doors have minimal framing in order to provide the clearest view into your shower. It’s the best way to highlight tile, rain shower heads, and other high-end features.

Pros: Provides an open and airy look.

Cons: Requires heavy glass, so this option can be pricier compared to others. More complicated install than framed.

Basco CELA 935 CLSV
CELN 900 BN clear Front Highres 02 REV
Wide Screen CELN 960
VONNS 950 01
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