You’re remodeling your bathroom and you have to make the decision: Shower door or Shower curtain. Which do you choose? While you may think that a shower curtain will be the more appealing option in the short term– it can actually result in a never ending money pit and additional problems in the long run.

Here are the top 8 reasons that you should choose a shower door over a shower curtain.

1. Show off what’s inside

Do you have body sprays? Bench seats? Elaborate tiling job? You spend a lot of time and effort into picking the right colors and shapes for the inside of your shower. Why would you want to cover up your tile job? Shower doors can help you showcase what’s inside.

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2. Save money

Glass shower doors, if taken care of properly, last much longer than shower curtains. Shower curtains will accumulate dirt, scum, mold and stains, forcing you to replace your curtain over and over again.

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3. Easier to Clean

Shower doors are much easier to clean than your standard shower curtain. Whether you order a shower door with one of our protective coatings like our factory applied AquaGlide, or simply squeegee and wipe down the shower after each use, you can be guaranteed a life time of use.

How to Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean

Basco Shower Enclosures offers a low maintenance AquaGlideXP, an innovative and ultra protective coating that revolutionizes the way shower doors stay clean. Learn more about AquaGlide in this video.

4. A clean, open aesthetic

Glass shower doors create an open, airy look that shower curtains can’t provide. Especially for smaller bathrooms, shower doors can make a room look larger by making the entire square footage of the room more visible.

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5. More access to natural light

Glass shower doors allow natural light to filter in to your bathroom. Natural light is a great source of vitamin D, heavily outweighing the benefits of fluorescent lights.

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6. Customizable to your unique space

Can’t find something to fit your space requirements? Basco specializes in custom-made shower doors that fit perfectly to your space. With a shower curtain, you’re stuck with your typical tub and curtain combo.

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7. Less clean-up and a safer environment

Basco’s doors are engineered with a Sta-Kleen track which has a gentle slope to keep water in the shower. Curtained showers tend to leak and leave puddles on the floor, increasing the chance for slippage or injury.

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