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Basco has it all – from glass door blanks and hardware to lineal stock lengths and complete heavy glass systems. Basco has been a leader in the shower door business since 1955. As shower door experts, we have the experience and product variety to be your one-stop shop for all your shower door needs.

Any size. Any shape.

The highest quality choices in precision custom fit or standard size shower enclosures designed for any project, providing a unique space that is truly yours.

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We're here for you from start to finish. Our trained Representatives and Customer Care Team are here to support you and your projects to ensure highest product quality with fast and friendly service.

Knock Down Units

Knock Down Units

Opportunity knocks with KD Units – Our Shower Door KD Program offers many benefits that can help propel your business forward:

  • Record Time – Place a custom order and have it delivered lightning fast.
  • Any Width, Any Height – Get customized KD products cut to your specification.
  • Custom Colors – Order any of Basco’s finishes to compliment your customer’s bath finishes.
KD Units Explode
Infinity Semi-Frameless 1/4" Glass Panel Swing Door & Panel - 1412
Lineal Stock Lengths

Lineal Stock Lengths

At Basco, we are big on precision-fit products and you can have custom sizes at your fingertips with our Lineal Stock Lengths. We offer superior parts in popular finishes to support your in-house fabrication.

  • High-Quality Components - Wall jambs, headers or tracks available in stock lengths with quick delivery.
  • Bulk Pricing – Buy more, save more with our buy-in-bulk pricing brackets, and reduce your fabrication cost.
  • Finish Colors – Get your Stock Lengths and components in any Basco color to compliment today’s most popular bath finishes.
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1416 01 1 1000 Custom
Design Software

Design Software

With our inhouse design software, Mystro, ordering is a breeze. Our online configurator simplifies the buying experience for our trade professionals. Mystro features assisted selling by model, visual door drawings and dynamic pricing. Our configurator also makes it easy to save and store quotes for a faster and more accurate process. Ready to register?


Watch our training videos and register to utilize our design software to place your orders quickly and accurately.

Mystro screengrab
Full Size Render
Heavy Glass Hardware

Heavy Glass Hardware

Basco offers a large variety of in-stock Heavy Glass Hardware that is ready to go for your next project. Benefit from superior quality components that are made from solid brass with an advanced plating process. Our hardware features stainless steel interiors and is constructed for use in both residential and commercial applications and is designed to fit heavy 3/8” & 1/2” glass.

  • Professional Quality – Solid brass and stainless steel cores paired with advanced plating processes.
  • Ready for You – Our traditional beveled Celesta and modern square Dresden collections are in stock and ready for your project.
  • Variety and Selection – Wall mount, pivot, and glass-to-glass hinges as well as pull handles, towel bars, clamps and more.
  • Color Options – Chrome, Brushed Nickel & Oil Rubbed Bronze always in stock.
  • Additional Selections – Select custom options for special order to meet every design need.

Meet Our Hardware Series

To provide the best products fast, we offer two hardware series to fulfill the most commonly requested glass hardware needs. Learn more about our Celesta and Dresden Hardware below.

  • The Celesta Series

    Our Celesta Series features a transitional, streamlined appearance and allows for a variety of design configurations. With its clean and neutral shape, it is the perfect complement to any bathroom shape and décor. This Series includes:

    • Hinges – Wall mount, Glass-to-Glass, Pivot
    • Clamps – Wall mounts, Glass-to-Glass, Sleeve over
    • Pull Handle
    • Towel Bars – Single, Back-to-Back, Combination Pull & Towel Bar
    • Knobs – Back-to-Back, Single Sided
    • Robe Hook

    Refer to the Heavy Glass Hardware Price List for a complete list of options and pricing.

    Celesta Series Hardware Gallery
  • The Dresden Series

    If you are looking for a modern-day masterpiece that sets the standard for solid strength and simplicity, our Dresden Hardware Series is right for you. Its majestic lines and contemporary, neat design is perfect for a new spa-like escape. This Series includes:

    • Hinges – Wall mount, Glass-to-Glass, Pivot
    • Clamps – Wall mounts, Glass-to-Glass, Sleeve over
    • Ladder-Style Pull Handle
    • Towel Bars – Back-to-Back (18" or 24")
    • Back-to-Back Knob

    Refer to the Heavy Glass Hardware Price List for a complete list of options and pricing.

    Dresden Series Hardware Gallery
Complete Heavy Glass Systems

Complete Heavy Glass Systems

Basco’s luxury shower door collection, RODA, offers heavy glass enclosure systems that include hardware and glass to help you easily create complete high-quality shower doors for your customers.

Every RODA shower enclosure is custom crafted and designed to meet our highest standards. Our configured RODA products are manufactured with ⅜” and ½” glass, which is thicker than a traditional framed and semi-frameless shower door. These luxury enclosures are designed to precisely fit even the most unique shower door openings in order to create the dream enclosure for your customers. From your design, to the heavy cut glass, and the beautiful hardware and finishes, every enclosure is built by hand one piece at a time.

Learn more about our RODA collection, or view our digital RODA eCatalog.

LUXN 945 Hero Main View WEB
Door Blanks

Door Blanks

It is our goal to provide simple solutions for you and your company. To make things easy, Basco offers 3/8” thick clear glass door blanks at your convenience. We offer standard and heavy hinge door blanks to suit your customers' needs. Each tempered blank has two handle holes, two hinge notches, and polished edges.

  • Learn More About Out-of-Square Door Blanks

    To simplify the installation process, we offer door blanks to accommodate out-of-square walls, where the out-of-square is on the hinge side. Out-of-square door blanks taper from 28-1/4” to 28” in width to close the gap at the top of your door opening with the extra width. Door blanks may be flipped if the opening is wider on the bottom.

Glass Treatments & Coatings

Glass Treatments & Coatings

It is important to keep a new glass enclosure in its pristine condition to make it last for years to come. Basco offers multiple options to help you and your customers to achieve this goal with special glass treatments and protective coatings. Open each section below to learn more about our glass treatments & coatings!

  • Guardian ShowerGuard - Forever Beautiful

    An engineered glass that permanently protects from etching of the glass, preventing permanent water stains.

    • Insures long-lasting beauty of the glass surface, which can always be returned to its original factory sheen
    • Clean the glass on your schedule - it can perpetually be restored to like-new conditions (see Guardian's cleaning recommendations)
    • Available in Clear 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" glass and Pure Clear (low iron) 3/8" & 1/2" glass
    • Can be installed in any applicable unit style
    • Recommend wiping the glass down after each use
    • When registered, installed, regularly maintained according to Guardian's recommendations according to water type, Guardian ShowerGuard glass is backed by a lifetime warranty.
    Logo Shower Guard Clear
  • GlassGuard

    GlassGuard is designed to protect surfaces from damaging environments and to reduce maintenance time. It's guaranteed to permanently protect the glass surface and improve the hydrophobic characteristics, which makes cleaning a breeze. While GlassGuard will not eliminate cleaning, maintenance, or spotting, but will dramatically reduce the time, effort and chemicals needed to keep glass surfaces looking new. GlassGuard surface protection offers a limited lifetime warranty to the original consumer purchaser when maintained according to manufacturer's recommendations; not to flake, peel, discolor or change the appearance of the surface to which it is applied.

    GlassGuard is guaranteed to permanently protect the glass surface and improve the hydrophobic characteristics, to make cleaning easier. GlassGuard will resist the effects of weathering and remain visually transparent when the manufacturer’s proper maintenance guidelines are followed. The hydrophobic action can be maintained with normal water cleaning, and by using GlassGuard revitalizer spray. Revitalizer is available to the consumer through our dealer network to enhance or restore the hydrophobic properties portion of GlassGuard, as needed.

    Limitations: GlassGuard is designed to protect surfaces from damaging environments, and to reduce maintenance time. GlassGuard will not eliminate cleaning, maintenance, or spotting, but will dramatically reduce the time, effort, and chemicals needed to keep glass surfaces looking new. Limited warranty covers replacement glass provided from the manufacturer only, or a refund of the original sale price only, at Basco Grand-Haven (GLASSource) option. All parts replaced under the terms of this limited warranty are F.O.B. Glassource and it does not cover breakage, scratching, labor, or incidental or consequential damages.

    Glass Guard DFI logo
  • AquaGlideXP - A Clean That Lasts

    AquaGlideXP is an ultra-protective coating that bonds to the glass, repelling moisture and soap film. When the glass is treated with AquaGlideXP at the factory, this glass protection system carries a 10-year warranty.

    • Low maintenance - Requires less cleaning than untreated glass
    • Effective water repellent at an affordable price point
    • Minimizes mildew, soap scum and hard water build up
    • Can be applied on any glass thickness or style
    • Recommend squeegee use or wiping the glass down after each use
    • Recommended maintenance cleaner for best results
    • To ensure long-lasting beauty and warranty protection, Basco strongly recommends the Maintain AquaGlideXP Spray Cleaner.
    Aquqa Glide Xp Logo
  • AquaGlideXP DIY Kit

    Already installed the enclosure? No problem! Basco offers a nifty DIY kit for our AquaGlideXP coating. In a few simple steps, you and your customers can apply our protective coating after the installation of the door.

    Aqua Glide Group 1
    AquaGlideXP Protection Kit
    Home Application Kit to Revitalize your Door
150 01

*Please note that protective coating offerings may vary by location. Special requests can be accommodated, but may require longer lead times.

Glazed Products

Glazed Products

We offer a large variety of glazed doors to ensure the perfect fit and custom solutions for your customers.

  • Glazed doors in any shape or size
  • Extensive selection of 3/16” to 1/2” pre-glazed products
  • Choose from swing doors, bypass doors, fixed panel sliders, and door and panel configurations
  • Compliment today’s most popular bath finishes with our large selection of color options
Ready To Go

Save fabrication and installation time with our glazed doors & panels. Headers and tracks are cut to size, mitered, and conveniently shipped pre-assembled – for framed, semi-frameless and frameless products.

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